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Inside Hand Painted Glass Beads

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Round Beads

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Flat Beads

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 Oval Design
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                                                                           Ø11,12mm Round Beads:            Weight: 230g/100pcs

                                                                           Ø18,20mm Round Beads:            Weight: 1000g/100pcs

                                                                           Ø18mm Pendent  Beads:              Weight: 1000g/100pcs

                                                                           Ø18mm Round Beads:                 Weight: 1200g/100pcs

                                                                           20x25mm Oval Beads                  Weight: 1750g/100pcs

Almost any pictures you offered or suggested can be reverse hand painted  into artwork by our excellent craft persons. Please contact with us if you are interested in personalized and customized.

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